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Guide to the Condor Bicycle Range

Whether you need a Leggero SL carbon bike to race over mountain top climbs, or our Bivio Gravel adventure bike to discover fresh gravel, we’ve got a bike for everyone. Condor has been building bicycle frames by hand ever since we were found in 1948 by Monty Young. Our range covers all types of bikes for all experience levels.

Condor Performance Road Bikes

These bicycles were created for road racing with the help of one of Britain's most successful road race teams, Rapha Condor. We continue to work with pro riders to develop our performance road range.

There are four frames in the category that share the same geometry creating a low riding position, aggressive shape, ultralight carbon fork, greater stiffness, and responsive handling: Leggero, Leggero SL, Super Acciaio, and Italia RC.

What differentiates them is the material we use for each of them, creating frames at different price points and with different ride characteristics.

There are disc and rim brake versions of these models.


Material: Carbon

Who it’s for: Road racers and dedicated enthusiasts who put in big miles and need a high-end tool for riding hard

What does the name mean? Light

The Leggero is a carbon road racing bike with some aero elements. It has an impressive history of success at the highest level of the sport, with victories at the National Championships, Commonwealth Games including the Tour of Japan and South Africa, and a host of UCI level races. The Leggero does everything well: sprinting, cornering, climbing, and descending. It appeals to serious riders looking to hammer, whether it's in races, group rides, or when chasing Strava times.

Leggero SL

Material: Carbon

Who it's for: Road racers, and dedicated enthusiasts who head out into the hills and mountains at every opportunity

The Leggero SL is capable just like the Leggero, but the large, aerodynamic-shaped tubes are slimmed down to save weight, making it the lightest road bike frame in the Condor range. 

Italia RC

Condor Italia RC Disc

Material: Aluminium
Who it's for: Riders and racers who want a competitive, fast, and well-rounded road bike without the price tag of carbon
Available in rim brake and disc brake

The Italia RC is an aluminium road bike and based on the DNA of our Leggero, giving you that great all-around performance at a lower overall cost. The handmade, premium aluminium frame has a ride quality that is as good as some carbon competitors.

Super Acciaio

Condor Super Acciaio Disc

Material: Steel
Who it's for: Performance enthusiasts, traditionalists and road racers who want classic looks and ride quality, or anyone who wants something a little different to carbon
What does the name mean? Super steel
Available in rim brake and disc brake

The Super Acciaio is a performance steel road bike designed to accelerate and corner with the best of them, providing a natural, sporty ride quality that cycling purists will appreciate. After a few hours in the saddle, aluminium can feel harsh. The exceptional stiffness of steel means it has great power transfer and responsive handling but remains compliant. It shares the Leggero’s geometry and is ideal for riders who want something different and to get more bang for their bike budget. The frame was one of the first steel bikes to appear in UCI level races for over a decade.

Classico, Classico Stainless and Paris

Condor Paris and Condor Classico Models

Material: Steel
Who it's for: Riders who love the classic looks but want the performance of modern steel

These are vintage-inspired models that feature a traditional horizontal geometry, different to that of our performance and endurance road frames. They also feature a steel fork, rather than carbon. The frames are made from modern premium steel tubing but have a riding position similar to any racing cycles of the 1960 or 1970s. They are perfect for riders who enjoy going fast in style and want a bike that reminds them of former years — the bikes you used to see in newspapers ridden by Merckx and Simpson.

Despite their vintage looks their ride is anything but that of an old bike and we designed the frames to feel sporty and fun. You can take the bike out on an event or club run and still go for the sprint before the cafe stop.

Condor Endurance Road Bikes

Our endurance road models are designed for performance riding over long distances or several hours. There are four models in the range: Baracchi, Acciaio, Fratello, and Italia. The riding position is tweaked to be slightly more upright than the models in our Performance Road category.

Don’t mistake comfort for slow! Endurance road models like our Acciaio and Baracchi still allow you to put down the watts and crush a gran fondo. They may just not be quite as nimble through twisting criterium circuit courses as their performance road counterparts.

Our Fratello and Italia models have added versatility for mudguard compatibility. The frames have slightly longer chainstays compared with the Acciaio and Barracchi. This allows for natural flex and compliance, resulting in even more stability making them great for all types of riding, especially century rides, winter riding and commuting, as well as carrying pannier bags for bike-packing-style saddle packs.


Condor Baracchi Frameset

Material: Carbon
Who it's for: Riders looking for a fast bike that’s still comfortable for long distances, rough roads, and some cobbled surfaces
What does the name mean? The Baracchi takes its name from a brutally hard long distance race created in 1941 by Mino Baracchi
Available in disc brake only

The Baracchi is a carbon endurance bike designed with compliance in mind to help absorb bumps whilst remaining as light as possible to make climbing big European mountains as easy as possible. Made with the same carbon fibre as our Leggero models, it is a favourite for riders seeking comfort on long rides, or those who venture onto rarely maintained paved surfaces.


Material: Steel
What does the name mean? Quite simply, steel
Who it's for: The Acciaio is a steel road bike for the traditionalist who wants a beautifully-made steel frame no with no unnecessary frame mounts.
Available in rim brake only

Conquer big rides at pace with a classic-looking, lightweight frame. Sharing the same endurance geometry of the Baracchi, the steel provides stiffness out of the saddle, giving great power transfer and responsive handling but with bags of comfort, and a planted, confident feel over rough Tarmac descents.


Condor Fratello Disc Frameset

Material: Steel
Who it's for: Someone who needs a workhorse and a big mile buddy, or a rider who has space for only one bike
What does the name mean? Brother
Available in rim brake and disc brake

The Fratello was the first frame we produced in Italy when we began to shift production from Britain. It was designed as a bike to do everything and as such it has a longer wheelbase compared to the Baracchi and Acciaio for improved comfort and stability when loaded up and full mudguard clearance. The Fratello uses premium steel tubing designed in partnership with Columbus. The steel has a with natural stiffness and compliance. It is popular with riders who want to speed to work with a smile on their face as well as get out on the weekend for a sportive event. There are mounts for mudguards and clearance for comfy road tyres, as well as internal cable routing for sleek looks and a dynamo. Whether it is commuting by bike, sportive riding, riding with friends this is a steel road bike to do it all.



Material: Aluminium
Who it's for: A budget-focused rider looking for a winter club bike or their first proper road bike
Available in rim brake only

The Italia is a handmade aluminium frameset with carbon fork and shares its endurance geometry with the Fratello. The longer wheelbase compared to the Baracchi and Acciaio adds improved comfort and stability when loaded up with panniers, mudguards, or a seatpack. The aluminium frame is agile and lightweight and designed for riders who are looking for a plush ride and value for money.

Condor Gravel and Adventure Bikes

Our gravel bikes are drop-bar bikes designed to handle all-terrain riding, splitting the difference between the speed and efficiency of road bikes and the off-road capabilities of mountain bikes. The three models have a shared geometry that is slightly more relaxed than a road bike for stability when riding off-road, making them capable and fun on dirt, gravel, and flowy singletrack.

Bivio Gravel


Material: Steel
Who it's for: Gravel racers and riders who need a versatile gravel bike that’s still fast and efficient on paved road sections

The Bivio Gravel benefits from the qualities of steel, so it feels great after long hours on bumpy terrain. The unique monocoque carbon fork, paired with our performance geometry, offers balanced handling and means the Bivio Gravel won’t miss a beat riding over harsh long stints of unmade road and rocky surfaces.

Odyssey Gravel

Condor Odyssey Gravel Aluminium Frameset

Material: Aluminium
Who it's for: Gravel racers and riders who want a lightweight gravel bike

The Odyssey Gravel shares its geometry with the Bivio Gravel so you can be assured of fun on dirt, gravel, and flowy singletrack. The compliance of steel is traded in for premium aluminium, which creates a lighter bike great for hilly rides and portages. Whilst the ride is smooth because it is a handmade frame, it won’t feel quite as comfortable after multiple days on poor surfaces, but does offer a little more feedback from the ground. The Odyssey Gravel is a good option for riders who want to tackle gravel roads with the same sort of speed and performance a dedicated road bike has on paved roads.

Gravel Stainless


Material: Stainless steel
Who it's for: Gravel racers who want a lightweight, comfortable frame that offers excellent performance

Mix the best properties of aluminium (weight) and steel (compliance and stiffness) into a frame then add our proven gravel geometry, and you have the Gravel Stainless. Stainless steel is a hard material that can last a lifetime, if properly cared for.
The Gravel Stainless includes full custom paint, custom geometry (if required) and a Chris King headset in the price of the frame.


Condor Heritage Disc Frameset

Material: Steel
Who it's for: Touring cyclist who want to use mainly paved roads and haul lots of kit on front and rear panniers

The Heritage has one job and that is to help riders tackle traditional touring. The model frame has an upright relaxed geometry, not as performance focused as our gravel models. The aim is for you to take each mile at your pace and see the world. The frame is equipped with a steel fork for fitting a traditional front rack. The wheelbase is long to give you plenty of stability under heavy load.


There are three models to choose from, each designed to do a unique task. They are based on our performance and endurance road models. These bikes are great if you’ve got shorter distances to cover, you want less maintenance, or mostly ride on the flat.



Material: Steel
Who's it for: Riders who want performance but but the ease of maintaining a singlespeed

Based on our performance road geometry, this is a fast-moving urban bike that will help you get from A to B without rough urban Tarmac shaking your eyes, thanks to the compliant nature of steel.


Condor Tempo Frameset

Material: Steel
Who's it for: Riders who want an endurance model with ability to carry luggage and simplicity of a single gear

The Tempo is based on our endurance Fratello, and is ideal if you want to get where you're going with more of a focus on versatility than pure speed.



Material: Aluminium
Who's it for: Riders who want to ride on a velodrome

An out and out track bike for sprinting across the line, hand slinging your way to a trophy, or simple pedalling in circles without the worry of cars getting in your way. The Lavoro is a lightweight premium aluminium frame with a performance geometry, made to the same specification as our Italia RC, making it a good choice for fans of local racing at the velodrome.

Buy a handmade Condor

Our range is slightly different to other bike brands who may have a model and various versions of the bike with different components to suit different price brackets.
We’re unique in that we give you the flexibility to customise the setup to suit your riding experience or aims. It means you don’t compromise on kit or end up with components you have to switch or upgrade after the first ride.

You can purchase a frameset (including fork, headset and seat clamp) or take a look at our popular bike setups and create something of your own.

The first thing to do is start with the frame and we'll work with you or make suggestion to pair the right components to your riding goals. You can visit us in store for a bike fitting for a new Condor or talk with us via email.

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