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Brompton Bike Servicing & Repairs

Same Day Brompton Servicing

The Condor workshop has been accredited the highest level of certification by Brompton.

Our mechanics are Brompton experts and are able to offer a range of Brompton servicing. Condor is a Brompton Premier Store – the highest status Brompton award to their retailer.  Our workshop holds inventory of all Brompton essential and recommended spares, which means we can offer same day servicing for Brompton bikes and ensure you're not without your bike for too long.

We offer a full Brompton and Brompton Electric service for your bike as well as specialist work and smaller jobs.

We'll always endeavour to help wherever we can, but we ask that you book in advance. Please drop off your bicycle by 10am of the day of your service, we aim to have to your service completed by the end of the day.

Complete Brompton Service

Suitable for all types of Brompton including Brompton Electric. Recommended every 6 to 12 months for those who ride regularly, dependent on the time of year and conditions ridden in. Parts are not included.
  • Remove wheels, degrease drivetrain and clean main frame
  • Visual inspection of bike for damage
  • Check and replace pads, cables and tyres if worn
  • Check bottom bracket for wear
  • Check chainring bolts and crank bolts are correctly torqued
  • Check and replace pedals if required
  • Check and replace chain and sprocket if necessary
  • Check and replace chain tensioner or idler wheels
  • True wheels and check rims for wear
  • Visual inspection of both front and rear hubs
  • Check and tighten headset
  • Check and replace mudguards and fittings
  • Visual inspection of rear hinge, seat post sleeve, hinge pins on mainframe and handlebar stem
  • Check and replace hinge clamps and handlebar catch if required
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Small Repairs & Specialist Brompton Work

  • Rear puncture (does not include parts) - £20
  • Fit Brompton mudguards (front and rear, parts not included) - £40
  • Replacement of rear hinge or bushings (parts not included) - £55
  • Replacement of rear triangle plus hinge and bushing (parts not included) - £70
  • Replacement of seat sleeve (parts not included) - £40
  • Replacement of main frame hinge pin (includes pin) - £40
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The History of Condor

When Monty Young first opened the doors of Condor in 1948, he probably didn't think he'd build bicycles for pop stars, Olympians, and royalty over the years. Seventy five years later we're still building by performance bicycles by hand and helping all types of cyclist from our store in London.