See.Sense Ace Rear Light

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ACE makes you more visible at riskier moments, keeps you connected through a smartphone app, and gives you the chance to improve the roads you cycle on.

When you face moments of increased risk on your commute (e.g. at junctions, filtering traffic or high-stress intersections), ACE reacts by automatically flashing brighter and faster to make you more visible to other road users. It also shines powerfully both in daylight and at night-time, helps you be seen from over a mile away, and gives you 200° of side visibility.

See.Sense's award-winning bike lights don't just make you safer on the road though. They work with our companion app to give you a voice.

  • Lumens: 125 Rear / 150 Front
  • Runtime: 10 hours
  • Weight: 35 grams
  • Water Sealed: IP67
  • In the box - 1x ACE Rear light, 1x ACE Front light, 2x ACE Mounts & inserts, 2x Aero Mounts, 1x Bag Mount, 8x Straps, 2x Micro USB cables