Continental Race 28 Wide Tube

Not Enough Available

The Continental quality road inner tube is a must have cycling essential for 700c bike wheels.Shorter valve inner tubes are ideal for wheels with rim depths of 24mm or 30mm but are not ideal for wheels with rim depths of 40mm or above (as the shorter valve would not extend out of the rim valve hole).

Presta valve tubes are most commonly used for road wheels (700c) and on a few MTB wheels as the valves are thin, whereas Schrader valves are more commonly found on MTB wheels as the valve is larger and won't fit through 700c rim valve holes.

Please note: if you are running a 25c Tyre you can use either the 20 - 25 Race 28 or the 25 - 32 race 28 options. The larger volume tube will give you the option to increase your tyre size at a later date and will run with less stress than the smaller size in a 25c tyre.

  • Use: All purpose inner tube and excellent replacement inner tube for your road bike
  • Material: Butyl tubes with renowned Continental quality
  • Durability: Each and every inner tube passes a stringent 100% quality control inspection
  • Design: Seamless construction, with a mould-cured vulcanisation, to ensure uniform roundness and give a smooth ride and handling
  • Removable valve core
  • Commuter: Yes
  • Touring: Yes
  • Cyclocross: Yes