Keep your bike running smoothly

We operate a booking system to ensure the smooth and efficient running of the workshop. We’ll always endeavour to help when we can, but we ask you book into the workshop in advance.

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Basic Service — £50


  • Wipe down frame and inspect cycle (we will advise if extra work is needed)
  • Inspect frame and forks
  • Adjust gears (front and rear)
  • Adjust brakes (front and rear)
  • Oil chain
  • Check condition of headset
  • Check condition of and inflate tyres
  • Check both wheels (hubs and spokes)
  • Safety check (check nuts and bolts and moving parts)
  • Replace valve caps, washers, bolts, etc. where necessary

    General Service — £100


    • A general service is recommended every 3 to 9 months, dependent on use, and includes all work from a basic service plus:
    • Replace chain and cassette if necessary (parts not included)
    • Check both wheel hubs and adjust if needed
    • Check and replace cables if necessary (parts not included)
    • Check and replace brake pads if necessary (parts not included)

      Full Service — £150


      • A full service is recommended every 12 to 18 months for those who use their bike heavily. It includes all work from the basic and general service, plus:
      • Strip bicycle to frame clean and check alignment
      • Degrease all parts and service as required
      • Replace all cables and brake pads as necessary (parts not included)
      • Clean wheels
      • Replace tyres if necessary (parts not included)
      • Reset tyre and headset labels

        Brompton Servicing

        Our three levels of service (basic, general, and full) also apply to Brompton bicycles.

        Condor is a Brompton Premier Store — the highest status Brompton award to their retailers. All staff members are certified by Brompton and have specialist knowledge of all Brompton parts, upgrades and accessories.

        The Condor workshop has been accredited the highest level of certification by Brompton. Our mechanics are able to offer a range of servicing and hold inventory of all Brompton essential and recommended spares.


        We also carry out specialist Brompton repairs, such as replacement of the hinge spindles and bushings.


        See all Brompton specialist work


        Service prices are exclusive of parts. An extra charge may be levied for cycles presented in an unacceptable state of cleanliness. Servicing and repairs may not be completed on the day of repair if incorrect contact details are given or a customer cannot be reached.