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Mr Porter Nocturne returns to Cheapside

A hectic night of racing returns to Cheapside and St Paul's on 9th June

Crowd at the Mr Porter Nocturne

London's urban backdrop is one of the most dramatic in cycle sport. The Giro d'Italia may have alpine meadows stuffed with ladders of switch backs, but the MR PORTER London Nocturne (9th June) has produced some equally exciting imagery over the years, as day turns into night and crowds grow to witness another hectic evening of cycle culture.

The free event, which Condor helped found in 2007, has a new home beneath St. Paul's, taking place in a pocket of the city of London that reeks of history. There is everything from pros to amateurs pedalling through the narrow streets of the Square Mile.

9 June – 13:00 to 22:30 – free to attend
Cheapside, City of London
Nearest tubes: St Paul’s, Bank

The Riders

Rider at the Nocturne

“This not the first time I’ve raced my penny farthing at the Nocturne. It is such fun with the crowd going mad rattling their cowbells. The goal is just to get around safely, so I am not interested to be very fast. I am looking forward to the race.”

Phil Saunders, penny farthing race

“One of the best things about the folding bike race is the atmosphere, and part of that is created by the outfits the people are wearing. You have a variety of bikes, a variety of outfits and everyone likes to have a laugh. So seeing people dressed up, some people more lycra-based than others, it’s really enjoyable and adds a bit of texture to the weekend.”

Joe Brown, folding bike race participant

Brompton Rider
Ed Clancy racing

“I love road racing, but I love criteriums more. They’re spectator friendly – with riders passing every minute or two – so you really see the race unfold. It’s intense.”
Ed Clancy, OBE, 2015 Elite Men’s Nocturne Winner

Want to take part? Sign up at

The Races

This year the streets of the City of London will be transformed into a veritable playground for the capital's bike-mad, offering every type of race, from a silly celebration on two wheels to Olympic heroes going head-to-head at dusk. Here's a flavour of the evening's entertainment.

Hire Bike Race

London’s somewhat sluggish Santander rental bikes can go surprising fast, especially if there is a prize at the end of the ride. What is especially amusing about this particular event is that entrants had to run the final 100m of the race on foot, after having docked their rental bikes at the appropriate stations.

London Nocturne Folding Bike Race

Women's Fixed Gear Crit

One gear, no brakes, and an ever-growing field of top quality female riders. The Women's Fixed Gear Criterium is arguably one of the most exciting and hard-fought races of the evening. Last year, the race saw several attacks before finishing with a dramatic bunch sprint. It is unpredictable racing at its best.

Nocturne Women's Fixed Race

Concours d’elegance

In the Concours d’elegance, the prizes are given for the most elegant entries and the most considerate cyclists. No Lycra is allowed, no road bikes qualify, and all bicycles needed to be hybrid, folding, or classic town bikes. The course includes tests of considerate cycling, such as dealing with pedestrians, iPhone zombies, red lights, roadworks, and even taxis.

Want to take part? Sign up at

The Atmosphere

From family races to entertaining penny farthings, kids and adults will have plenty to see and do. As darkness descends into night and races become more competitive, the atmosphere becomes more electric and hectic. You'll find well-stocked bars and food joints along the race, throwing open their doors, booming out music, and big screens. It's sure to be a big, pedal-powered street party.

Chris Lawless at the 2016 Nocturne racing for JLT Condor Mr Nocturne Nocturne, 9th June 2018
Want to take part? Sign up at
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