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Double chocolate protein bites for cycling

A healthy cycling snack you can make ahead and eat after your cycle ride.

Indulgent chocolate snacks can be good for you. This recipe is the perfect antidote to cupboard raiding after you get home from a long cycle ride plus it'll help you recover faster from your ride compared to eating a chocolate bar.


Makes 8 balls

50g dates

20g cashew nuts

20g almonds (flaked or whole)

25g cocoa powder

50g protein chocolate powder

40ml semi skinned milk (or almond or hazelnut milk)

20g desiccated coconut



1. Put all the dry ingredients and stoneless dates into a blender or food processor.

2. Blend on a medium speed to break up the nuts.

3. Add milk in small amounts, checking the mixture doesn't get too wet (if it gets too running it will be difficult to mould).

4. Sprinkle desiccated coconut onto a plate.

5. Scoop out the mixture and roll into balls, no bigger than a ping pong or golf ball.

6. Roll the ball in the coconut, aiming for an equal coating.

7. Eat! Store the bites in the fridge for later. This will firm them up, too.

Tip: Switch out chocolate protein powder for vanilla or banana flavour, or roll the bites in chopped pistachio nuts.

Nutritional Info

Typical values per ball

Energy 107 kcals

Fat 5g

of which saturated fat 0g

Carbohydrate 9g

Protein 8g

Salt 0g

Fibre 1g

Healthy and great for cycling

If you are sick of eating energy products, shakes and protein bars, these bites are an alternative to packaged products and are a healthier alternative to munching a chocolate bar or picking at the fridge.

The main ingredients to these bites are nuts. If you avoid diary, calcium-rich almonds are great for getting enough a top up of the bone-building mineral. Cashews are packed with protein and a useful source of minerals like iron and zinc. Mix in protein powder to kick start your recovery and rebuild muscle. You can add in a scoop of your favourite powder it doesn't 

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