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How to make your Brompton bike lighter

Save over 1kg with six Brompton upgrades you can make at home.

Once you’ve fallen in love with the fold, it is hard not to want to personalise your Brompton and make it unique to you. You can carry out a few upgrades to the bike to make carrying and transiting easier.

The upgrades we’ve selected are compatible with A Line and C Line bikes, as well as previous generations of M6L, S2L and M3R, to name but a few. Some of these upgrades come as standard on P Line and T Line models.

We saved 1.25kg upgrading parts from the official Brompton aftermarket range. However, not all of them offer a great grams-to-cost ratio. In other words, you may not feel that there is value in spending a certain amount to save only a few grams.



Weight saving: 148–178g
Ease of fitting: 3 out of 5
Time to upgrade: 10 minutes
Cost: from £40

Any saddle can be fitted to a Brompton, which makes the choices almost endless. The standard Brompton saddle supplied on C Line bikes and most Bromptons since 2012 weighs 378g. Upgrading to the Selle Italia Flite Flow Saddle will save 80g, which costs £49.99, or if you wanted to keep it all-things-Brompton then choose the Brompton Superlight Carbon Saddle at 205g. However, considering the cost in relation to the additional weight saving makes it not as economical.

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Weight saving: 150g
Ease of fitting: 5 out of 5
Time to upgrade: 4 minutes
Cost: £69.99-100

Just like the saddle, any pedals can be fitted to a Brompton and it won’t affect the fold. The Brompton folding pedal is a clever piece of engineering that tucks it away to stop it prodding your leg when you are carrying your bike. The downside is that it weighs nearly 300g! Brompton has a solution with their Superlight Pedals, the pair weighing in at 300g. Instead of folding, it pops off, and you can sling it in your bag or pocket whilst you walk with your bike. The cost of a pair is £100.00. Alternatively, MKS manufactures a similar style of pedal, which is made in Japan.
The MKS Promenade Ezy Pedals weigh 351g per pair and cost £69.99.

Shop Brompton Superlight Pedals

Shop MKS Promenade Ezy Pedals


Weight saving: 70g
Ease of fitting: 3 out of 5
Time to upgrade: 15 minutes
Cost: £14.00

Offering an excellent grams-to-cost ratio, Brompton Superlight Grips are usually found on P Line and T Line models, but are compatible with all Bromptons made after 2017, and Bromptons with a low or S Type bar from any year. Replacing the grips not only saves weight but, after a few years of use, the rubber compound on your bike can harden, wear, and lose its cushioning. Replacing the part is a great way to revitalise your ride feel and comfort.

Shop Brompton Superlight Grips

Tyres and Inner Tubes

Upgrade to lightweight Schwalbe One Tyres for Brompton

Weight saving: 712g
Ease of fitting: 2 out of 5
Time to upgrade: 60 minutes
Cost: £60-200

This is one of the biggest weight savings you can make at home, but you may sacrifice puncture protection in pursuit of a lightweight bike. Found on most models, the popular Schwalbe Marathon tyre weighs in at 420g. It has a nylon guard under the tread and a thick sidewall, giving it great puncture protection.
Upgrade to the lighter, Schwalbe One tyre which was launched alongside the CHPT3 limited edition bikes and features a stunning tan side wall. The tyre is one of the most cost effective grams-to-cost upgrades you can make.

If you replace the standard inner tubes (85g each) for Tubolito inner tubes (34g each) you’ll save a further 100g, but at a cost of £25 per tube you may decide you prefer the thicker tube for a little more puncture resistance.

Advance Roller Wheels

Brompton Advance Roller Wheels

Weight saving: 30g
Easy of fitting: 4 out of 5
Time to upgrade: 20 minutes
Cost: £33.00

This is an upgrade to consider when your Eazy Wheels wear and require replacing. The Brompton Advance Roller Wheels are larger in diameter than the traditional Eazy Wheel and have less material, which makes them lighter and roll smoother when you pull the bike along in the partially folded position.

Superlight Front Wheel

Brompton Superlight Front Wheel

Weight saving: 115g
Ease of fitting: 3 out of 5
Time to upgrade: 20 minutes
Cost: £121.00

The Brompton Superlight Front Wheel was launched with the CHPT3 range of bikes and is available in black or silver. Weighing in at 535g, it is just over 100g lighter than a standard Brompton wheel, which is mostly achieved with a hollow axle. Fitting is simple and all the tools you need are available in the Brompton Tool Kit. You’ll start by unscrewing the axle nuts using a 15mm wrench, releasing the front brake, before dropping the wheel out. Swap tyres and put the Superlight Wheel back in position and tighten using an allen key bolt. If you have Brompton Electric you will not be able to fit this part.

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