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Five of the best tech products for winter

Give your ride the gadget it deserves this winter. We’ve picked the best new tech to ride with this season; from intelligent lights to affordable GPS computers.

1. SealSkinz Halo Shoe Cover

SealSkinz Halo Shoe Cover

Equipped with a bright light visible from over 500 meters, the Halo combines the best of SealSkinz's weather-beating fabrics, like their ultrasonic taping for ultimate waterproofing, with a light built into the bootie. The powerful LED light fits neatly into a rear ‘kangaroo’ pouch to keep it out the way. Choose between flashing and constant mode.

Sealskinz Halo Overshoe, £40.00 — Get it here!

2. See Sense Lights

These new lights outshine the competition thanks to their intelligent behaviour. The See Sense ICON is the only light in the world that can react by flashing brighter and faster at roundabouts, road junctions and approaching car headlights, keeping you most visible whenever you need to be.

The light automatically turns itself on and off and can be linked to an app that will notify a friend if the light senses you've been involved in an accident.

Shop the See Sense range

3. Lezyne Power GPS

Lezyne Power GPS

One of the lightest GPS units in the world, weighing in at a minute 76g, it is smaller and lighter than models from Garmin and Cateye. Including all the usual ride functions, Apple or Android mobile phones can be paired to push email, text messages and call notifications to the device. It can send ride data from Lezyne's own phone app to your training log, or push the data onto sites like Strava.

Lezyne Power GPS, £139.99 — Get it here!

4. Velocio Mid Jacket

Polartec Apex Award logo

Velocio were recent recipients of the 2015 Apex award. The in-house Polartec award is given annually to fabric users displaying ingenuity in design and construction.

The female-focused Velocio Mid Jacket proves that softshells can be comfortable and perform in rough conditions. The Polartec Power Shield Pro fabric has dense, breathable knit and water-repelling qualities. The fabric maps to the body rather than flapping about and making rustling noises. Layer it up in the coldest of winters or pair it with a short sleeve baselayer on milder days.

Shop the full women's Velocio range

5. My Campy App

My Campy App

Campagnolo's latest versions of their Record and Super Record EPS groupsets have the functionality to communicate wirelessly with computers, tablets and smartphones.

The My Campy app is free to download and will allow users to choose the function of individual buttons, download EPS firmware updates, and perform real-time diagnosis of the components’ performance.

Additionally, it allows you to keep an inventory of your cycling kit and how much each component has been used, right down to the number of shifts performed during a ride. If you’re spending a lot of time in the large chainring and the largest sprocket, the app will suggest that you could ride more efficiently in a different combo.

Available in December — learn more.

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