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Gran Corsa - The Final Blog

Just sitting here with the realization that the Gran Corsa D'Italia is only a few days away and I haven't sorted a thing. I have a massive packing list, the guys at Gran Corsa HQ have seen to that so all I need to do is get everything together in Ryanair acceptable sized pieces of luggage.

The bike is sorted, but wheel choice will be decided last minute with the toss of a coin. The first week is lumpy, but not so hilly that a compact is not needed so have settled on standard 53/39 with 12-25 cassette. I may sneak an 11-28 in the bag if weight allows.

Next it need to pack clothes for all weather, two pairs of shoes, capes, socks, helmet, energy powders, gels, bars, spares, chamois cream, sun screan, shades, etc, etc.

Rode the Leggero home this evening via the shortest route, approx 35 miles from the Condor Warehouse at a gentle pace, mainly due to very sore legs after an hour long sports massage yesterday. I haven't had my legs massaged since the Etape last year so they were in need of a bit of work. I hope I don't have to suffer that kind of pain during the ride.

The weather is looking fine with Turin due for 22 degrees at the start and 25 at the finish on the second day in Parma. I am hoping to get a proper cyclist tan, but will definately be slapping on the sun cream. Given the forcast temperatures I will be mainly drinking a mixture of SiS Go Electrolyte drink and Nuun hydration tabs. For gels I am a bit partial to the new GU gels we have in stock so may be taking a mix of flavours from the range.

Tyres will definately be my tried and trusted Continental Grand Prix 24mm, especially as we will be riding the Bianchi Strada. They are a tad wider than GP4000, but feel just as fast with the extra comfort and more reasurrance in the corners.

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