Campagnolo Pro-Tech Press-Fit Cups

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The new Ekar bottom bracket is designed specifically for the rigors of all-road and gravel riding and racing.

It features the robust double-protection of external sealing ring design with a fiberglass polyamide central tube to reduce the harmful ingress of water, mud and grit.

The bottom bracket mates with the external stainless steel bearings - which are attached to the crank arms as an integral unit rather than the BB cups for greater size and easier maintenance access - and sits over a stiff, strong inner axle spindle, delivering performance that is smooth, fluid and predictably consistent from the get-go. Thanks to the ProTech sealing system, it stays that way, however and wherever you ride.

Ekar bottom bracket options offer broad compatibility in a full range of threaded and PressFit applications.

Patented dual-sealing ProTech technology securely connects the two semi-axles inside the bottom bracket, and protects the BB bearings from ingress of water and mud, providing longevity of high performance, even in the worst riding conditions.

A gravel-orientated development from Campagnolo's innovative and proven Ultra-Torque technology, the ProTech system's central Hirth joint features self-centring and self-aligning frontal teeth located in the middle of the crank where the ends of the integrated semi-axles meet. The axles are fixed together with a single, protected oversized bolt, their precise pairing can event overcome the fractional misalignment that some carbon frames can include thanks to the tiny differences in tolerance in their manufacture.

The ProTech crank system's torque transmission is as efficient as a single piece axle, and it's lighter. And, being better protected than other systems, it is also more durable.

Oversized stainless steel bearing sit on the crank, outside the BB shell, for maximum smoothness and strength thanks to greater axle rigidity from the increased axle diameter.

  • Ekar specific BB cups
  • Oversized external stainless steel bearing
  • Alloy construction
  • Weight: 50g
  • Strong fibreglass-polyamide tube