CeramicSpeed 3D Hollow Titanium Oversized Pulley Wheels

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3D Printed Hollow Titanium Pulley Wheels.

In Collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute, CeramicSpeed's 3D printed Hollow Titanium Pulley Wheels are a pioneering technological innovation.

The 3D process, also known as additive manufacturing, adds thin sequences of titanium dust, heated by laser and imprinted in layers until the final product takes shape. The result is a lightweight titanium pulley wheel assembled with top-performing CeramicSpeed Coated Bearings.

The 3D printed hollow Ti pulley wheels are 10% lighter and last thee times longer than CeramicSpeed's Aluminium Pulley Wheels. There are also 25% lighter than CeramicSpeed's Standard Titanium Pulley Wheels.

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