Lucho Dillitos Natural Energy

Ever heard of bocadillos? They’re essentially Colombian sweets that double as a favourite energy food of escarabajos*, made from just two ingredients guava pulp and panela, they are as natural as energy bars get. 

Guava is a bit of a super fruit that satisfies a sweet tooth. Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, the fruit is proven to be anti-inflammatory and that means, bacadillos provide energy whilst combating the stress of riding. The flavour is completely unique a mix of kiwi, strawberry and something altogether tropical it’s no wonder it still makes it into the back pockets of Columbia’s pro riders.

Lucho Dillitos wrap their bocadillos in natural leaves for guilt free disposal on the hoof. Available in natural, raspberry or coffee flavour each 40g serving packs 22.5g of carbohydrates that roughly the same as two bananas.

*the Spanish word for beetle, which the press and fans alike used to describe the tiny but determined Colombian climbers.