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Brompton Bike 2022 Range Explained

Legendary folding bike manufacturers, Brompton, have long been the go-to choice for easy and fast folding bikes.

Brompton 2022 Bikes and Range Explained

The Brompton can be carried like a small suitcase using the frame or saddle as a handle. And it can be pushed or towed easily on the small roller wheels.

There isn't just one Brompton model — Brompton make a range of models to suit all riders. Until now, Brompton named their bike models based on a coding system, such as S3L, M6R, and H6L.

Brompton 2022 - A Line and C Line explained

Brompton have simplified their options and there are three lines or ranges to choose from, meaning that is the ideal bike for every rider's need, budget, and riding style.

Here's our guide to Brompton A and C Line bikes.

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A Line

From A to B, the essential Brompton

Brompton A Line Bike

There is one bike in the A Line range. It was previously known as B75. It is Brompton's most affordable bike and perfect for riders who are new to commuting or may not use their bike as frequently.

A Brompton A Line bike is cheaper to purchase per month over two years than a TfL Travelcard for zones 1-3, which would cost £158.

Available with a gloss white frame, it is equipped with 3-speed gearing and features a riser handlebar which puts you in a comfortable position. It does not come with mudguards, a rack, or folding pedal, but you can add them later if you want to.

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P Line

Performance-focused bikes with lightweight features

Brompton's new lighter P Line bikes

P Line is a new version of Brompton's Superlight folding bike. The Brompton P Line features a new steel and titanium frame, and a patent-pending gear system and wheelset, alongside a host of other updates. The Brompton Superlight was first introduced in 2005 as a weight-saving bike that Brompton says made it easier for riders to get around, thanks to it being lighter to lift and carry, as well as faster on the road.

The P Line has a weight of 9.65kg, which Brompton say is nearly 2kg less than the C Line model. The bike will be available in Storm Grey and Midnight Black metallic colours. The other big update on the P Line is a new patent-pending 4-speed gear system. This features a cassette rather than the internal gear hubs found on other Brompton bikes. In-keeping with the low-weight design goal of the P Line, this system features a 60-gram derailleur. The derailleur is said to "fit inside the compact fold" of the bike, presumably in an attempt to minimise the chances of it getting knocked and damaged.

Brompton P Line in Storm Grey

To make moving the P Line around easier when it’s folded up, Brompton has fitted new wheels and comes with a new seat post design. The seat post can be locked at two separate heights, so you can have the post fully down for storing or halfway up for rolling. P Line currently consists of one bike and sits above Brompton's A Line and C Line in terms of price and performance claims.

Brompton P Line is equipped with:

  • 4 speed derailleur
  • Mudguards
  • Titanium fork and rear triangle
  • A choice of low, mid, and high handlebars

C Line

Original design, refined for modern cities

Brompton C Line Utility model

There are a number of bikes available in the C Line range, with thirteen colours to choose from. C Line is made to stand up to the rigours of everyday life in the city. Owners have taken them on around-the-world trips and are designed for year-round use.

C Line bikes come with:

  • mudguards for all weather riding;
  • a front carrier block for Brompton luggage;
  • a folding pedal to make carrying and storing your bike super easy.

There is the option to add dynamo or battery lighting, designed to tuck out of the way when the bike is folded.

All C-Line bikes are fitted with mudguards and lighting

C Line bikes are available with three types of gearing and riders have the option of choosing low, mid, or high handlebars depending on the position desired:

Urban — 2-speed gearing

With two gears, the C Line Urban is lighter to ride and carry than all other C Line models. And with one gear trigger, it's simple to use, too. It is ideal if you if in a flat area.

Utility — 3-speed gearing

The three internal gears are robust and low maintenance. The sealed gears are protected from grit, water and impact for longer life. Easy-to-use hub gears let you shift when stationary, making the C Line Utility a solid choice for stop/start commutes, especially in wetter cities.

Explore — 6-speed gearing

The 6-speed do-it-all workhorse, geared up to go further. The C Line Explore covers all contours, at home or further afield, and is ideal for riders who may not always take the same route for their commute and those who want to use the bike for more than just city riding.

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Electric C Line

Brompton Electric C-Line Explore Bikes

Following the ethos of the C Line bikes, with their robust build and classic looks, the Electric version gives you the freedom to travel further.

Brompton Electric C Line is equipped with:

  • mudguards;
  • dynamo lights;
  • battery;
  • folding pedal;
  • 6-speed gearing;

It offers all the benefits of a Brompton boosted with smart electric technology, developed with Williams Advanced Engineering. The Electric C Line is equipped with mudguards, just like the other bikes in the Brompton C Line family, and also comes with lighting, too.

There is no need to awkwardly position your bike near a power point, just remove the lightweight (2.2kg) battery pack bag with one quick click. Carry it and plug it in wherever suits.

The Electric C Line Explore has 3 levels of power assistance, giving you between a 25 and 50 mile range and the ability to travel up to 15.5 mph.

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T Line

The lightest bike in the range, made in Sheffield from titanium

Brompton T Line bikes are the lightest bikes made by the British brand, weighing in at 7.46kg. Brompton shaved 2kg off the weight of their P Line bikes by using a full titanium frame and carbon fibre parts and is pared back as much as possible to save weight.

Unlike all other Brompton frames, which are made in London, the T Line frame is welded in Sheffield.

The T Line One is a single-speed bike and will cost £3,750/$4,795. The T Line Urban has a 4-speed gearing system and will cost £3,950 / $4,995. Brompton says the T Line will be available exclusively via a ballot system on its website.

The T Line has a carbon fibre fork and steerer tube, as well as a carbon handlebar, which Brompton says makes the ride of the bike stiffer and more responsive. Elsewhere, Brompton has opted for a carbon fibre crankset, which is paired with a cast titanium bottom bracket. The saddle also has carbon fibre seat rails and a carbon-reinforced base.

Which Brompton Handlebar is right for me?

Guide to Brompton handlebars

Brompton make three handlebar styles: low, mid, and high. C Line bikes are available with all three bar styles, whilst A Line bikes are only available with a mid handlebar.

Brompton Low Handlebar - formerly known as S Type

Low is great for riders who want a sporty ride and a direct feel, and provides very direct handling thanks to its flat shape.

Brompton previously used this handlebar shape on all S Type bikes.

Brompton Mid Handlebar - formerly known as M Type

Mid is one of the most popular bar choices. It has a riser shape and puts the rider in a comfortable position. For shorter riders, it may feel very upright, and for taller riders, it may feel a bit low.

This handlebar is a classic shape and featured on previous models known as M Type, such as M3L and M6L.

Brompton High Bar - previously known as H Type

High has the same riser profile as mid, but the bike has a longer stem, moving the bar a bit higher. It provides a neutral riding position for very tall riders and a very upright position for average height riders.

Formerly used on models known as H Type, such as H3L and H6L.

Brompton Luggage Click Explained

What is a front carrier block?

The best way to carry anything on your Brompton bike is with a Brompton bag. Each bag has the same mounting system, which simply slides onto the front carrier block.

The block is positioned at front of the bike, so your steering remains smooth and stable, whatever your load.

All C Line and Electric C Line models are fitted with a Front Carrier Block (FCB) as standard. You can purchase a Front Carrier Block for A Line bikes or as a replacement part.

Brompton Electric bikes have a specific Electric Bag range to incorporate the battery, with two options currently available.

All are made with Cordura 1000D fabric, a weather-resistant, durable material that Brompton have applied a water-repellent treatment to.

Brompton Metro Bag

Metro bags all feature a messenger style shoulder strap, and have lots of handy little pockets for city commuters and a pouch for your Oyster card. Metro bags are available in multiple sizes.

Borough bags are designed for all sorts of tasks, whether it's multiple trips, weekend shopping, or commuting. The bags have a roll-top closure. Waterproof bags in the Borough range have welded seams to keep the water out.

Brompton Waterproof Borough Bag

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Why choose Condor for your Brompton?

Decades of Experience

Condor has retailed Brompton bicycles, parts, bags and accessories for over 3 decades. Our staff are highly trained on all things Brompton.

Brompton Premier Store

Condor is a Brompton Premier Store — the highest status that a Brompton retailer can achieve. We stock just about every Brompton spare, as well as their full range of accessories.

Brompton Home Delivery

As a Brompton Premier Store, we are one of small number of retailers accredited by Brompton to ship bicycles anywhere in the UK. Home delivery is not available for Brompton Electric. Every Brompton is checked and certified by our specialist Brompton mechanics before we ship to you. Bromptons are shipped in purpose-made boxes to protect your bike and make it simple to unfold and go. We'll include a quick start guide and owner's manual in the box, plus an Allen key or spanner depending on the model selected. Our customer service team are Brompton aficionados and on hand to give advice — from choosing your Brompton, to setting it up at home, to helping with your first fold.

Brompton Demo Bikes

Condor offers at least four demonstrator bikes, which cover the full range of handlebar styles and gearing. Brompton Electric bicycles are also available for test ride at the store. Learn more here.

Certified B-Spoke Retailer

Condor also offers a B-spoke custom build service, allowing customers to choose their own Brompton specification. Lead time varies throughout the year.

Accredited Workshop Servicing

The Condor workshop has been accredited the highest level of certification by Brompton. The three cog rating shows that Condor mechanics are able to offer a range of servicing and hold inventory of all Brompton essential and recommended spares.

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