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6 Easy Ways to Weatherproof Your Ride

Let’s face it, the autumn weather keeps us on our toes. We’ve all had times when we’ve gone out only to find temperature has dropped and the heavens have opened. The answer? Our six handy fixes. It doesn't matter whether you're feeling minted or skinted this month; we'll have you weatherproofed in no time.

Weatherproof your autumn cycling with our cheap and easy fixes

1. Waterproof your digits

When your extremities are frozen and uncomfortable, the rest of you also pays the price. As you exercise, blood is directed to your working muscles, rather than your toes and feet. Rain, surface water and wind decrease the temperature even further and your tippy toes are the first thing to suffer.

SealSkinz Waterproof Oversock Velotoze Waterproof Booties
Sealskinz Oversock - £38.00

Insulating, breathable, and completely waterproof. Choose from three vibrant colours or classic black.

Velotoze Waterproof Bootie - £14.99

Perfect for keeping 100% of water out. Wear with merino socks for additional insulation.

2. Keep in the loop

Protect your phone from water damage so you can stay in contact. It is likely you keep your phone in your back pocket and, even with a gilet sitting snug over your jersey, moisture is likely to get in there, especially if you go splashing through puddles.

Keep your phone in a humble sandwich bag iphone touch ready e-case
The Humble Sandwich Bag - from 5p

Cheap and cheerful and available from every supermarket worth their salt. Word of warning: these bags aren't terribly rugged, so replace them every couple of rides.

E-Case for iPhone - £19.99

Touchscreen compatible. Take photos and calls whilst on the move without removing your phone from this fully submersible case.

3. Be the king of versatility

Sometimes the weather delivers three seasons in a day. Autumn sun, rain, hail and back to sun. Combining a thermal undershirt, arm warmers and a short-sleeved jersey beats a long-sleeved jacket, because the warmers can come off when the day heats up. But if there's one failing to most warmers, it's that they absorb water like a proverbial sponge.

Sportful No Rain Warmer Grangers Reproofer
Sportful No Rain Warmers - £25.00

Thus super-warm and ultra-stretchy the fabric has an exterior coating which creates a waterproof barrier or try Endura's new teflon coated waterproof warmers.

Granger's Performance Repel - £7.99

Give your garments an extra boost with this reproofer spray. Spray on the hydrophobic coating, dry and become water resistant.

4. Be on your guard

Mudguards are a trusty winter and commuting necessity. After a ride on wet road we recommend taking a cloth and wiping off excess water. Why? Often road spray contains salt and grime that will erode components and if left without being wiped off can even corrode paint. A full guard will protect your frame as well as your bum from wet weather.

Condor Ass Saver Portland Design Works Fenders
Ass Saver Emergency Guard - £6.50

No tools required. Made in Sweden, this simple guard clicks onto the rails of your saddle and blocks spray from flying up your back.

PDW Full Metal Fenders - £74.99

Designed to fit to frames that don't have guard mounts, the PDW fenders are a classy set of guards constructed from anodised aluminium.

5. Use your head

You lose substantial body heat through your head, your feet and your hands—and you need all three of those working well to be able to make it home safely.

Gore Waterproof Cycling Hat Velotoze Helmet Cover
Gore Bike Wear Equipe Cap £29.99

Made from the supremely waterproof yet breathable GoreTex fabric, you are guaranteed to stay dry plus the peak will shelter your eyes from the worst of the deluge.

Velotoze Helmet Cover £16.99

A double whammy of protection from wind and rain. Pull on this low volume cover and stay dry. Plus it's ideal for female riders with ponytails who find cycling caps uncomfortable.

6. Protect against road debris

When leaves fall and foliage drops from road side bushes and hedges its only going one place and that's to the side of the road where you ride. Add rain to the mix and sharp stones and thorns get washed into your path too; it can be a rather deflating experience! Inspect your tyres and make sure they are in tip top shape. Add a tyre boot to any slashes or choose one of our puncture defence options below.

Panaracer Flataway Continental 4 Seasons Tyre
Panaracer Flataway Tyre Liner - £14.99

Lightweight, easy to apply and fuss free. The liner forms a barrier between your tube and the inside of your tyre stopping anything sharp piercing the tube.

Continental GP 4 Seasons Tyre £43.99

Combining grippy tread pattern and a patented nylon mesh layer that significantly beefs up the sidewall for flat resistance without compromising a supple ride quality.

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