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The best adventure cyclists on Instagram

These hardy travellers provide plenty of cycling wilderness inspo

Best instagram accounts for gravel adventures

Looking for your next under-the-radar destination to satisfy the cravings of your inner adrenaline junkie? Or simply want to soak up the magnificent landscapes of the world via the wheels of others? You'll find these travellers have plenty of tricks, trips and ideas, from gourmet dinners with freeze dried foods to packing light and going the distance.


1. Pannier CC

Founded in 2012, riders of Pannier CC have been cruising at a steady 15 kph around the British Isles offering advice, guides, and mini touring trips. Their Instagram page offers rugged images of our fair land and and highlights contribution posts from other travellers.


2. Athena Mellor

Ms Mellor cut a path through New Zealand on our Condor Fratello a couple of years ago and since then she's pedalled over Golden Gate Bridge, hiked across Nepal, founded Roam magazine and Ramble Guides. Her Instagram account is a mix of bikes and hikes.

Yorkshire girls, proud to call this fine county home 💙@letouryorkshire

A post shared by Athena ↠ Wild & Words (@athenamellor) on


3. John Prolly

Californian-based John Watson has a dedicated following, which he built through his blog created nearly a decade ago. Follow him as he takes on vast American deserts and national parks.


4. George Marshall

George is a photographer, and thus his feed is stashed full of perfectly framed imagery, usually shot on medium format film. He takes on projects that involve epic gravel trips, usually ones where he's decided the route. He recently returned from Argentina on an epic trip testing/photographing Rapha's new cargo short.


5. Tales on Tyres

Truckin' since 2012, Tales on Tyres have been roaming round the world, capturing stories from the road (and dirt) along the way. They are currently taking a pit stop in Germany, making and selling caps to fund their next trip.


6. Bunyan Velo

Hailing from Minneapolis, Bunyan Velo was set up by Lucas Winzenburg in 2013. His magazine, available electronically, brings together a small group of bicycle tourists, commuters, mountain bikers through essays, and stories celebrating the simple pleasures of travelling by bicycle.


7. While Out Riding

Travelling on dirt roads through the Americas with his family in tow, Cass Gilbert's feed is stuffed with bike pics and transcendent views from rocky outcrops.


What's your next bike-packing trip?
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