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Style rules of Mr Kristian House

Dress with finesse this winter: six style rules from former champion, Kristian House

Kristian House guide to dressing

Everyone has their wardrobe go-tos — the things that you feel most comfortable wearing. As the old adage goes: look good, feel great. Kristian House has been the face of one of the most stylish cycling teams of the decade, and one the most successful riders of Britain's continental scene. Even in retirement he continues to turn heads on a bike. We asked him what his wardrobe go-tos are.

Kristian House - socks should match your shoes

Match your feet

“Your socks need to match your shoes. Black shoes, black socks. White shoes, choose white socks. It just looks good, one sleek crisp block of colour.”

Kristian House wears the Metier Ultralight Gilet Kristian wears the Metier Rain Jacket
Layer Up

“Make the most of performance fabrics by combining layers in the cold. I prefer to wear a base layer, arm warmer, jersey and gilet as opposed to a single bulky jacket. If you start to heat up, pack away one of your layers.”

Choose packable clothing

Dress Prepared

“Prepare for anything. A packable gilet or rain jacket is essential. Don’t leave home without it even if the weather looks fine. In a sudden squall, it pays to be prepared.”

Metier has become my go-to in the autumn for when you end up being out for longer than planned, the weather turns or your bike light fails. The lighting system built into their gilets and jackets will make sure you're not only warm but always visible.”

Choose dark baselayers in the winter

Choose dark baselayers

“Wear dark baselayers in the winter. Lighter colours get discoloured by road spray, or mud — if you're into cyclocross — and no one looks good with an off-white beige layer poking through. But that's just, like, my opinion, man.”

Metier cycling clothing with integrated LED lighting Former National Champion, Kristian House
Accent with colour

“Less is more. Trying to match a red cap, jacket, gloves and overshoes is trying too hard, and the tones will clash. You will look like you got dressed in the dark. Let reflective highlights on clothing show drivers where you are and add flashes of colour to overshoes.”

Invest in shorts, but only in dark colours

“A good pair help you move better on the bike but only purchase black shorts. The great cycling legends wouldn’t be caught in white or bright shorts, and neither should you, man.”

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