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Cult Classics

Cult Cycling Classics
Condor Storage Bottle


A space for the gear that won't fit in a jersey pocket. Our waterproof storage bottle slips snugly into your bottle cage and is constructed from recycled plastic.

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Spurcycle Bell


Who would have thought the humble bell could be improved upon? The folks at Spurcycle managed it. Precision built in the USA, Spur created a bell with a crisp ring, three-times louder than any other.

Ding-dong! This is the bell of the ball.

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In 1991, Ron Andrews (a former machine-shop class teacher) was welding titanium frames for a US frame builder, when a customer wanted a titanium cage for their titanium frame. Andrews searched for a cage and couldn't find one anywhere, so decided to make his own. And so King Cage was born, and continues to be a must-have for steel and titanium bike builds.

Discover King Cage

Lezyne Smart Puncture Repair


A good value, effective, and stylish take on the humble puncture repair kit. This lightweight ride essential will slip easily into your saddlebag or back pocket, where it can remain for weeks, months or years, Waiting for its chance to save the day and get your puncture fixed quickly and easily without the need for messy glue.

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Assos Chamois Cream


The holy grail of long ride comfort. Assos have got their formula just right and, luckily for riders, haven't messed around with trying to improve it. Assos Chamois Creme has thousands, maybe millions, of loyal fans around the world, from the finest pro tour riders to your veteran gran fondo entrant.

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Condor Cap

Cotton Cycling Cap

The value to benefit ratio of a cycling cap can never be underestimated. They do their job all year round, and even when you're training indoors. Given the low cost, owning a selection is a great way to spruce up your cycling wardrobe without breaking the bank.

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Assos Mille GT Shorts


Comfortable, lightweight, and like no other. Cyclists have voted with their bums and chosen Assos shorts. The perfect partner for hard rides, endurance events, and tough temperatures, more Assos shorts have been ridden to world champion titles than any other brand. Everyone should complete their cycling wardrobe with a little bit of Assos.

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Condor Frame Spacers


The humble frame spacer is a two-in-one bike essential. Keep your chain under tension and out of the way when cleaning your bike and chain; or slot in the frame spacer when you are travelling with your bike to stop the chain from twisting and protect the frame from being crushed.

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Fenwick's Chain Sponge


Founded twenty-five years ago, Fenwicks have always focused on creating good value, simple products. Their chain sponge is no different. There is no fussy mechanism to attach your chain to clean it. This sponge has a cut out and an abrasive construction. You just hold it to your chain and turn the pedals. The grime is gone in an instant.

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Park Chain Tool


If you want to build your own bike or start to expand your home workshop, Park Tool's Chain Tool is a must. Robust and precise, the tool is found in bicycle workshops the world over.

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Fenwicks Bike Cleaner


Small and mighty, Fenwicks bike cleaner spray has been the go to dirt and grime cleaner for over two decades. The new concentrate allows you to mix up a batch at home. Just mix the bottle with one litre of water and spray on your bike.

Buy the cleaner

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