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Union Jack Brooks Swallow Saddles

The Brooks England Swallow Saddle with Union Jacket Limited Edition Colours is sold out and no longer available. 

Discover the latest special edition colours and bike saddles from Brooks England at Condor Cycle

Shop Brooks England Saddles

Brooks Swallow Union Jack saddles

Brooks England has proudly manufactured leather goods in the West Midlands of England for nearly 150 consecutive years. During that time Brooks have seen the no less that three Olympiads take place in London.

To mark the special occasion, Brooks England have created the Union Jack Swallows Limited Edition saddle range.

The saddles are a tricolour issue of the legendary B15, the original precursor to the modern racing saddle, which Brooks first patented in 1937.

Just 500 saddles will be made by Brooks at their factory in Smethwick, England.

The Red and Blue models will feature a unique Union Jack box, while the White saddle have St. George's flag packaging.

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