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Essential Bike Gear for Commuting to Work

Ever had to hang your sweaty odorous tee on the back of your chair whilst you attempt to dry it after another fraught ride to work? Don’t worry, we’ve got some simple shortcuts to make your ride to work as easy as possible. So now you can go from curb to cubicle without looking like a crumpled mess.

Commuting to Work Essentials

The Merino Baselayer

Wool is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Its natural oils absorb bad odours unlike polyester, or get heavy like cotton when wet. Merino will always dry faster than a cotton tee, and did we mention you won’t stink in front of your colleagues? Baselayers can be worn under a jersey or cycling jacket.

Available in long and short sleeve, they usually have a sporting cut but are not figure hugging, so you can wear it as a casual tee, too.

Take a look at Café du Cycliste's new layers: smart subtle and soft

Cycling specific trousers

PeDAL ED Cycling Chino

Lycra is never going to be suitable for after-work drinks. Enter new cycling chino from PeDAL ED. What’s the difference between cycling chinos and regular trousers? A diamond-shaped gusset. The theory is that standard seams generate pressure in places you really don’t want it. They are reinforced around the butt, with reflective features and anti-snag material in the cuff.

Shop PeDAL ED Cycling Chino

Swrve’s Selvage jeans are constructed from USA-made selvage denim, with similar features to PeDAL ED's chinos, including the reflective cuff.

Padded undershorts provide ride extra comfort if you want to ride with cycling jeans or just your regular trousers. Finished with flat-lock stitching, the fabric wicks sweat, so unlike your regular briefs they won’t get all clammy. They’ll stay in place as well so you don’t flash other riders.

Cycling socks

Cycling Sock

Any old sport sock won't cut it. Grab Café du Cycliste’s new merino sock, which is reinforced in the toe and has a padded heel. They hold their shape and won’t make your feet sweat or smell.

Try the Defeet Aireator, a sock proudly made in the USA. The double cuff holds the material in place and the reinforced heel and toe guarantees long-lasting performance and reduces ache inducing vibrations from the road.

Ortlieb Commuter Backpack

Ortlieb Commuter DryPack

This German-made backpack from Ortlieb is built to last. The rubber base will stop your contents getting wet from back wheel spray, whilst the foam on the back and laser cut holes in the straps allow for air to flow and keep you cool.

Ortlieb Commuter Daypack City Backpack

Secret Training Post Race Wash

Secret Training Post Race Wash

No time to shower after your ride to work? Post Race Wash from British brand, Secret Training, is an antibacterial spray with the power of a shower in a bottle.

Buy Secret Training Post Race Wash

Puncture beating essentials

Punctures are indiscriminate and can strike anyone down at anytime. Adding a small saddlebag with a tube and tyre levers to your bike means you can leave it there and forget about it until you need it.

Saddlebags keep everything you need in one place, instead of having to fish out a stray tube or lever from the bottom of your bag.

Continental's Road Saddle Bag is a perfect bundle at just £11.99. It includes a new tube, levers, and a handy bag to stash it in under your saddle. Grab it here.

If you are a puncture jinx, try our special bundle offer of 10 inner tubes for the price of 5.

Saddlebags come in a range of shapes and sizes designed to hold everything from tools to energy bars.

Shop our saddlebag range

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