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Find your Condor Frame Size

We design our frames to provide the best balance of comfort, performance and handling.

Your frame size for a Condor frame may not be the same as other manufacturers. We have developed our frame sizing over the last thirty years through testing with numerous people, from couriers to race teams. For each style of frame, we take into account the intended use when designing the geometry. In other words, a particular size in one style of frame may not have the same fit as another style, but will fit the same rider.

If you are between sizes, choosing a larger size will provide a more relaxed position on the bike, which is better for those who may also have limited range of flexibility. The smaller size will give you a lower bar height resulting in a more aggressive or racier position.

Frame size (cm) Rider height guide (cm) Rider height guide (in)
46 150–160 4'11"–5'3"
49 161–16 5'3"–5'6"
52 169–175 5'6"–5'9"
55 176–185 5'9"–6'0"
58 186–193 6'0"–6'3"
61 194–200 6'3"–6'6"
64 201+ 6'7"+

Measure your body height correctly

To measure your height, stand straight and barefoot on a solid floor (preferably not carpet) with your back against a wall. Your heels, back, shoulders and head should all be touching the wall. Pull in your chin and look straight ahead. Now, ask a second person to put a book on your head and slowly push it against the wall.

Make sure the book is parallel with the floor and at right angles to the wall. Mark the spot where the bottom of the book is touching the wall. The distance from the marked spot to the floor is your height.

All Riders Concepts and Women’s Bikes

We don’t make gender-specific frames because gender-specific bikes make an assumption that female and male riders have certain proportions. Unlike complete bikes available from other manufacturers or online only bike brands we don’t pre-select what handlebar width and stem length you should have based on the frame size chosen. Every rider is different and everyone has different proportions, flexibility and riding experience.

Instead, we’ll help you create a bike and suggest the handlebar width, stem length, reach and bar height that match your unique attributes. If you are unsure about these details we’re here to help with an in store bike fitting, by email or telephone appointment.

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