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Velobici Tommy Godwin Jersey

To pay homage to the late great 1948 Olympic track hero Tommy Godwin who sadly died in November 2012 aged 91. Tommy won two bronze medals at the Herne Hill Velodrome in the 1948 London Olympics and played an active role in the ongoing campaign to help secure the site's future. He was particularly well known for his coaching skills and cycle shop on Silver Street in King's Heath, where many future stars were introduced to cycling. He carried the 2012 Olympic Torch through his home town. We had the privilige of meeting the great man and presenting him with one of our jerseys in the spring of last year. A true gentleman.

  • This Classic style seamless quarter zip jersey is made from 100% organic extra fine, high quality, Merino wool from South Africa.
  • No internal seams.
  • Its classic shape features a rear drop back hem and rear buttoned Union Flag ride pocket.
  • Breathable, insulating and anti-bacterial.