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Velobici Guilder Thermal Bib Shorts

Comfort whilst in the saddle is of the upmost importance to all riders, the Guilder Thermal Bibs are made from medium weight, water repellent VB/Pro-VR1 fabric that provides superior comfort and stretch for the ultimate fit with a soft thermal loop on the inside to keep the chill at bay. The VB Pad offers excellent breathability thanks to Foam Carving Technology that removes any unnecessary foam from the sides, and avoids any aggressive step between different foam densities. Special attention is given to the crotch area, the latest technology allows increased blood flow around the male anatomy that can decrease the sense of fatigue. Wave Body Contour Technology gives the pad unrivaled comfort however long you’re in the saddle. Made with super soft Bioceramic fabric that allows for better oxygenation and freshness. It increases the flow of blood and reduces negative effects caused by intense exertion.

Manufactured with anti-rub Flatlock seams, the care instuctions are also printed centre-back to help prevent any discomfort through chafing seams or labels. Vélobici and VB is beautifully embroidered on the back side and the right thigh. All Vélobici clothing is 100% designed and manufactured in the UK. VB/Pro-VR1 fabric is produced in Nottingham and the garments are made in Leicestershire.

  • Luxurious meryl/lycra with superior stretch
  • Water repellent with soft knitted thermal loop
  • 7 hour high performance YBC bioceramic pad
  • Orange embroidery
  • 100% Designed and manufactured in England