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Velobici Firenze Pullover

VB Seamless Firenze Pullover is made from 100% organic extra fine, high quality, Merino wool from South Africa. This short sleeve pullover features include, seamless classic cut, it is free of any internal seams to cause any rubbing or discomfort. Its classic shape also features a rear drop back hem. This 100% organic Merino wool garment is also beautifully soft to the touch, breathable, insulating and anti-bacterial, and can be worn on its own or with shirt, 't' shirt or base layer. A classic look whether riding, working or socialising.

  • 100% organic extra fine Merino wool
  • No internal seams
  • 100% organic extra fine high quality merino wool
  • Made form the finest south African wools
  • Sourced from carefully selected farms