Tomorrow We Ride by Jean Bobet

Not Enough Available

An account of the lives of the Bobet brothers - Louison, triple Tour de France winner and Jean who gave up an academic career to ride in the service of his brother. This story brings alive the romance of the great races and star riders of those post war days whose exploits lifted the public spirit after years of conflict and economic hardship. ‘The wheelsucker is full-time vermin, a rat in perpetuity. The rat is invisible, hidden, non-existent until 100 metres from the finish, when he suddenly heaves himself into action, his one and only effort, under,if not up , the noses of those who have built up and led the race over many, many kilometres. Wherever you went, the wheelsucker was regarded as excrement. He still is, I’m told.’

  • Paperback
  • 179 pages
  • ISBN 978-1874739517