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Time I-CLIC Ti Road Pedals 2012

TIME revolutionizes automatic pedal technology and introduces the I-CLIC generation. The first pedal with a carbon blade.Experience has shown that the substitution of the Carbo Flex blade in place of spring tension on road pedals assists the pre-opening function, improves fatigue resistance and significantly reduces weight. I-CLIC is also the first pedal with pre-opening automatic engagement (TIME patent). "auto step-in" - engagement is instantaneous, intuitive, without friction - effortless. the first "open" pedal. A simple clic and you're off... Clic & Ride!

  • Hollow titanium axle
  • Carbon body
  • CARBOFLEX: flexible carbon blade (TIME patent)
  • Aluminum arch axle
  • Carbon blade support
  • ICLIC: pre-opening automatic engagement (TIME patent)
  • SENSOR: regulation of angular sensations
  • Q-FACTOR: setting of lateral foot position
  • Sole/pedal Bioposition 13 mm
  • ANGULAR FLOAT: ±5 degrees
  • LATERAL FLOAT: 2.5 mm
  • RELEASE ANGLE: 15 degrees
  • Weight: 179 grams per pair