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Speedplay Zero Pave Pedal with Stainless Steel Axle

Pave Zeros are minimalistic in design & shave non-essential material from the pedal, yet still ensuring excellent entry, & release, both in wet & dirty conditions. Thoroughly tested by the pros in events such as Tour of Flanders & Strada Bianche. No other pedal system comes close to offering the superior adjustability or cutting-edge performance features of the Zero. Speedplay have created and patented the most technically advanced pedal system ever, featuring a choice of either a fixed position or up to 15 degrees of micro-adjustable float. Once you compare the features of Zero pedals to any other brand, you'll find that other pedals systems are no match and like all Speedplay pedals, they have accomplished this without compromise by ensuring that the locking edges of their pedals and cleats are made of metal, not plastic.

  • Weight (per pedal): 115g
  • Stainless Steel spindle - length 53mm
  • Cornering clearance: 37 degrees
  • The Zero Pave cleat fits any shoe with a 3-hole or 4-hole mount
  • Minimalist, skeletal pedal design for optimal functionality in extreme conditions. All non-essential body material has been shaved away for maximum clearance
  • One needle bearing and two cartridge bearings per pedal
  • Heat-treated stainless steel body construction for maximum strength and durability
  • Built-in grease-injection port for easy maintenance
  • Zero Pave System includes Zero edition Pave cleats
  • All the features and benefits of Speedplay Zeros
  • Hand assembled at Speedplay in San Diego, California