Specialized ANGi Crash Sensor

Not Enough Available

Specialized ANGi replacement sensor or additional sensor for use with Specialized helemts.

What is ANGi?

If the sensor detects an impact, the ANGi transmitter connects to the Ride App on your smartphone, sounds an alarm and then begins a countdown on the screen. If you are okay, you can clear the countdown and keep riding. If you are injured and can’t cancel the countdown timer, the app will send an alert through texts to your emergency contacts to inform them that you have been involved a crash along with your GPS location.

What about if you’re out of service coverage? ANGi has a plan for that. Just set your estimated ride time before you head out when you know that your ride will take you out of range. All you need is an active data signal when you start your session. And if you haven’t completed your ride within that time frame, ANGi will send a notification to your contacts with your last uploaded location.

  • ANGi is a ride tracker, crash detector, and safety beacon.
  • Includes a one-year subscription to Specialized Ride Premium app.
  • Detects and reports potentially dangerous helmet impacts to the Specialized Ride app, which notifies your emergency contacts and sends them your most recent GPS coordinates.
  • Additional premium features include start ride notifications and ride-time alerts.
  • Attaches to Specialized ANGi-ready helmets.
  • Approximate six months' battery life on a 2032 coin cell battery.
  • Weight: 10 grams w/ battery
  • Two-year sensor warranty