Shimano R700 10 Speed Short Reach STI Lever

£229.99 £269.99

The ST-R700 was designed for people with smaller hands who find reaching the brakes from either the tops or when on the drops are difficulty. By the use of a 4-degree or 8-degree shim, you can reduce the reach respectively by 10 or 20mm. The R700 10 speed STI levers have the great, improved ergonomics over Shimano's 9 speed STI levers. The shifters use many of the internal parts of Ultegra level equipment making the internals also super smooth for precise shifts.

  • Ergonomic design
  • 10-speed compatible
  • Front double/triple compatible design
  • Lever reach is adjustable by the use of either 4-degree or 8-degree spacers