See.Sense Icon2 Light Set

Not Enough Available

Reactive bike lights for brighter rides.

Based on the award-winning ICON and packed with more brightness and intelligence than ever before. The result is that you stay visible and safer for longer.

Each light contains two different types of LEDS, with 300 lumen LEDs in the rear light and 400 lumen LEDs in the front. A high-power CREE LED creates a focused beam to make you visible from up to 3km away. A custom CoB LED panel gives a wide dispersion of light giving you 270° of side visibility. At riskier moments on the road (e.g. at junctions, roundabouts, filtering in traffic) ICON2 reacts by automatically flashing brighter and faster to make sure you stand out. When you cycle with ICON2, the patented sensor technology within it monitors your riding experience. This includes detecting real-time information on any collisions or near-miss events you were involved in, the road surface quality, or your journey flow.

  • Lumens: 300 Rear / 400 Front
  • Runtime: 16hrs on 'Reactive Flash'
  • Weight: 50 grams
  • Water Sealed: IP67 Rated
  • In the box: ICON2 comes with all the hardware you need to mount it in a multitude of ways; vertically, horizontally, aero or normal posts, chainstays, headtubes... It's your choice. Please note, there is no clip / bag mount with ICON2 light.