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Secret Training Stealth Juice Bar

Who’s been there. Those hard training sessions when you can’t quite catch your breath for long enough to eat an energy bar, but at the same time that gel in your back pocket doesn’t quite ‘hit the spot’?

Secret Training have created an easy-to-eat energy bar, offering the prolonged energy release, refreshing fruit taste and satisfying texture of a bar combined with the convenience and ease of a gel.

  • The easy to eat Energy Bar with prolonged energy release
  • Great fruit taste with satisfying texture that is both vegan friendly and gluten free
  • Featuring an engineered carbohydrate release mechanism for sustained energy
  • Combined with real fruit juice to help deliver nutrients and contribute to a great natural flavour
  • Contains palatinose - a carbohydrate source that helps support fat oxidation when exercising at a moderate level
  • Easy to grab when the bunch are on the go!