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Science in Sport Overnight Protein Drink

SiS overnight protein powder contains a blend of slowly digestible casein protein, zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6 in order to provide an innovative product to boost overnight recovery.Each serving contains 26-27g of protein per serving, depending on the flavour you choose. The milk protein contains the same ratio of fast and slow release proteins as found naturally in milk. Milk protein is over 80% casein, which is a slowly absorbed protein, and around 20% whey, which is rapidly absorbed. Whey protein stimulates the rate of muscle protein synthesis with its’ high leucine content. The formulation has low levels of carbohydrate and fat.

  • Slowly digested milk protein
  • Maintains muscle mass while you sleep
  • Informed Sport tested
  • Low in carbohydrate
  • Low in sugar
  • Low in fat
Nutritional Values and Usage
SiS Overnight Protein should be taken 45-60 minutes before bed. Can be served hot or cold. Mix with water or milk 150ml - 250ml depending on desired thickness of drink.Typical values per 30g servving Energy: 556kj/131 kcalProtein: 27gCarbohydrate: 1.8gof which sugars: 0.8gFat: 1.9gFibre: 0.6gSalt: 0.3g