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Schwalbe G-One Evo Microskin Tubeless Gravel Tyre

Unleashing profile and breathtakingly fast especially when large volume counts. The smooth rolling G-One profile make it a pleasure to ride over forest paths and available in 38c width, it can tackle any terrain.

MicroSkin is the development which makes the difference compared to previous tubeless tyres. The patented construction consists of a high-tensile micro fabric which is vulcanized together with the rubber compound and the carcass. MicroSkin envelops the entire carcass and facilitates a fault-free Tubeless Easy operation for high-pressure tyres, not unlike SnakeSkin on an MTB tyre.

  • G-One Evo tyres feature Tubeless Easy technology - ubeless systems provide very high puncture protection. Sudden air loss due to bursting tubes or valves tearing is ruled out. At the same time, a puncture protection fluid seals incisions within a tenth of a second, during the ride.
  • PSI ratings: 70-125 (23c), 70-110 (25c) and 55-95 (28c)TPI: 127
  • Designed for competition featuring OneStar compound
  • Fast, light, reliable and the is the next generation of tubeless tyres
  • Schwalbe's top model tubeless tyre
  • Tyre provides great durability and protection, supreme road grip and outstanding rolling performance
  • TL-Easy (Tubeless)
  • MicroSkin technology for high pressure ultra strong and free rolling tyre carcass without the weight