Rudy Project Rydon ImpactX Cycling Glasses

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Available in a range of frame and lens styles, the Rudy Project Rydon is versatile, stylish and durable. Practical for virtually any sport, the Rydon sunglasses are a timeless necessity.

nifying seamlessly advanced design technology and materials science, the Rydon blends cutting edge ergonomic features with advanced materials (carbon, aluminium, magnesium, silicium and titanium) to create a super-lightweight and versatile sunglass.

The ImpactX lenses are guaranteed unbreakable for life. The molecular semi-rigid properties are developed exclusively for Rudy Project and ensure the physical protection of your eyes against impacts, chemical and atmospheric agents; but because they are semi-rigid they will also minimise injuries during impact of a fall.

  • QuickChange (QC) lenses system
  • Adjustable temples
  • Adjustable nosepiece (ergo IV)
  • Features Rudy's Safety Project, Ultralight Kynetium and ultralight frame design
  • Accessories available: RX Direct Clip, RX Optical Insert, RP OPTICS Smoke Lenses