Power2Max NG Eco Power Meter Unit


The ECO is Power 2 Max's new wallet friendly lineup of power meters. Half the price of the pro level Power2Max NG power meter, the ECO carriers the same core traits but skips on some of the higher end features, making the ECO quite frankly, an incredible deal.

The battery compartment is thicker than the NG and powered by a coin cell rather than USB. The unit provides 400 hours of battery run time. The precision variance is +/- 2%

  • Do note that every power meter has different compatibility nuances.
  • Temperature compensation
  • Data transmission: ANT+ & Bluetooth
  • Battery: CR2450
  • Measures: Power & Cadence
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Pedal smoothness, L/R balance, torque measurement not included
  • Handmade in Germany