Pirelli PZero Velo Clincher Tyre

Not Enough Available

Designed to work well across a wide range of weather conditions, the PZero Velo uses the same 127tpi casing as the other tyres but features an intermediate tread design that itself has migrated from Pirelli’s motorcycle division, namely in the firm’s Diablo Supercorsa tyre.

Smartnet SilicaMade from 100% silica make-up claims to solve the age-old trade off between rolling resistance and wet weather grip. Its molecules naturally place themselves into an order of elongated sticks rather than the traditional random spherical shapes found in other silicate-based molecules. This directional positioning is claimed to make for a tyre with decreased rolling resistance and heat generation.

  • Low rolling resistance
  • Dry & wet grip,
  • Supreme comfort
  • Puncture protection
  • Mileage longevity
  • Superior handling for extreme safety feeling.