Overade LOXI Anti-Theft & Waterproof Bag

Not Enough Available

Be free with LOXI, a foldable, waterproof and secure bag allowing you to easily carry and store your stuff.

LOXI is the perfect mix between a bike pannier and a lock. This clever combination of two useful bike accessories makes our bag unique.

LOXI L capacity is 9 litres. You can store inside any bike helmet, gloves, lights, a raincoat, a safety vest. LOXI S capacity is 4 litres. It can be used to store smaller accessories like Plixi, our foldable bike helmet.

LOXI can be used as a trunk bag or as a top case. There are many other ways to attach LOXI on your bike. It is a secured bag, which means you can use it whenever you need to store valuables safely, even if you are not really biking.

  • Capacity: 4L for size S, 9L for size L
  • Weight: 580 g for LOXI S, 660 g for LOXI L
  • 1st layer: Waterproof PVC canvas
  • 2nd layer: Anti-cut fabric level 5
  • 12mm diameter cable lock with 4-digit combination
  • Roll-top closure system
  • LOXI also includes an inner zip pocket to avoid losing small items
  • Fastening straps to attach LOXI on a bike rack or keep the bag fully wrapped when empty
  • 53 cm cable length