Ortlieb Saddle Bag

Not Enough Available

Ortlieb's classic seat bag is available from Condor in 2 sizes; the medium version is perfect for long all day rides and the large bag offers a true alternative to carrying a backpack. The large bag will provide room for equipment, snacks, extra clothing and tools for longer Audax style tours. It tucks in nicely under the saddle, and often functions as a protector on bikes without mudguards. The additional fixing with Velcro around the seat post provides firm and vibration-free mounting. The 100% waterproof roll closure features buckles and D-rings for locking the bag. The mounting set is also availabe as an accessory.

  • Scotchlite reflector
  • Alternative strap fastening set available as accessory
  • M: 9cm x 14 x 12, L: 10cm x 23 x 16
  • M: 1.3 litre, L: 2.7Litre