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Oakley Radar Pitch Lenses

The Oakley Radar Pitch Replacement Lens is the medium-sized lens in the Radar lineup. Give your Oakley Radars a new look if your Pitch lens has seen better days or you just want a different lens tint to suit varying conditions. These lenses offer Oakley's uncompromising standard of distortion-free viewing to keep you pointed the right direction on the trail or on the road. A hydrophobic and anti-static coating resists smudges and water streaks so your lenses stay clear even in foul weather conditions.

  • Use care when installing/removing accessory lenses
  • Grey Lens - bright light
  • Black Iridium Lens - intense sun
  • Clear Lens - indoor
  • Hi Persimmon Iridium Lens - overcast
  • Please note the Radar lenses snap into place while the Radarlock lenses have a quick change system called switch block - they are not interchangeable