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NUUN Active Hydration Tabs

nuun is a simple, easy to use electrolyte drink for optimal hydration, great whether you are cycling to work or out on a long weekend ride. Proper hydration is trickier than it sounds. By not replacing the right electrolytes (mainly sodium but also potassium) it can be hard to concentrate, and you may suffer from fatigue and muscle cramps. nuun is just electrolytes; it is not a source of sugar or carbs, which allows adventurers to independently manage energy needs with their favourite choice, be it bars, gels, bananas or brownies. (after all, on a hot day, you need to replace more fluids and electrolytes than on a cold day, but you don't need all the extra sugar and carbs). nuun solves hydration so you can enjoy the day

  • 12 tablets in a single tube with each tab making 500ml
  • Optimal salt balance prevents cramping and maximises hydration
  • No sugar and a light taste means it's easier (and nicer) to drink
  • Used by the very best athletes on the planet