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Michelin Pro4 Grip 23mm Clincher Tyre

15% more grip on ground wet compared to MICHELIN PRO 4 Service Course. Better handling whilst cycling on wet surfaces, improved grip when cornering and a more progressiveness and gradual response when cornenering in the wet. Uses a new speical rubber mixture for the tread which is effective on all types of road surface and works in any temprature. Additionally a new specific sculpture on the shoulders to helps optimise the level of grip when cornering and a new type of tread profile giving maximum contact area to reduce loss of grip.

  • The HD Aramid PROTECTION ply is developed to resist cuts on the tread and the shoulder areas
  • This reinforcement protection ply covers the tyre's entire rolling surface area on the tread and shoudlers
  • Sculpture optimizes grip when cornering
  • Casing ply is 3x 110TPI
  • Flexible aramid bead
  • HD Aramid PROTECTION ply
  • A new rubber mixture for an incredible grip