Mavic Yksion Pro UST II Tyre

Not Enough Available

The Yksion Pro UST offers the best blend of low rolling resistance, grip and comfort, a trilogy that is usually impossible to reconcile.

The rolling efficiency has been measured 15% lower than a tube type equivalent in our lab and in real life. The testers have also found it super fast in wet turns, bringing them an unmatched confidence.

Being tubeless, it can be run at lower pressure (about 1 bar / 15PSI less) than a standard tube type tyre, with no loss of efficiency and with less risk of pinch flat. And what's usually the achilles heel of tubeless (mounting and servicing) has been solved by developing it together with our own wheels for tighter tolerances. The stretchable kevlar beads are super easy to mount and dismount.

With just 30g of sealant, it's as airtight as a butyl tube and offers a nice puncture protection.

  • Available in 25mm or 28mm.