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Mavic Cosmic Pro Limited Edition II Classics Shoe

Mavic's Cosmic Pro Limited Edition Classic Cosmic Pro Shoe is quick and comfortable.

The Mavic Cosmic for comfort over the toughest terrain. The Classics races are bumpy enough in our Mavic neutral supports vehicles, let alone on a race bike! But they’re awesome events and to celebrate the riders who brave it we’ve created these Cosmic Pro limited edition shoes. You don’t need to be racing on the cobblestones to enjoy them: they balance incredible performance and pedal efficiency with comfort for hot miles, all summer long. The Endofit™ tongues hugs the foot, giving you what we call “The Glove Effect”. The Dual Ergo Dial QR system is adjustable in 1mm increments so you can find the perfect fit for your foot. While the laser-cut ventilated upper regulates foot temperature. The ultra-stiff energy carbon outsole drives all your power into the pedals. While the Energy Frame keeps your foot secure in all positions, further boosting your efficiency.