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Mavic Allroad Elite Road+ Wheelset

Road riding is evolving in adventurous new ways, and this purpose-built wheel system is at the forefront of this progression.

Mavic Allroad Elite Road+ is a 650B wheelset with super wide rim that allow you to run 45mm to 5mm tyres. Mavic make the wheels smaller because the added 5cm of tyres travel means you'll retain the agile handling that makes a road bike a road bike. The wheelset comes complete with UST Road Tubeless technology delivers better rolling efficiency and a reduced risk of flats, and makes it easier than ever to set up and inflate tubeless tires. The lightweight rims feature ISM 4D technology (Inter Spoke Milling), which strategically removes material from the rim where it’s not needed but keeps it around the spokes, where the tension is applied.

This disc-brake specific wheelset features 24 steel spokes front and rear to distribute the brake torque efficiently and evenly. The wheels are compatible with Center Lock rotors. The front hub comes with a 12mm thru-axle and can convert to 15mm or quick release. The rear wheel is 12x142 thru-axle and can also convert to quick release.

  • Weight, Pair without tyre: 1740 grams
  • 650B with 45 to 50mm tire keeps the feeling and handling of a normal road bike.
  • Hub Front and rear bodies: aluminum
  • Axle material: aluminum
  • Spoke Shape: straight pull, flat, double butted
  • Spoke Lacing: front and rear crossed 2
  • Spoke Count: 24 front and rear
  • Disc standard: Center Lock(R) only
  • Rim Joint: SUP
  • Rim Material: Maxtal
  • Rim Height: 21 mm
Delivered with
  • Rear QR adapters for Instant Drive 360
  • Tubeless rim tape
  • Front QR adapters
  • UST valve and accessories
  • User guide