Lezyne Steel Floor Drive Pump

Not Enough Available

The Steel Floor Drive Pump from Lezyne offers super-efficient pumping with a comfortable feel in the hand. This is thanks to it being constructed with a strong steel for the barrel, an alloy base and a varnished wooden handle.

The valve head is compatible with both Presta and Schrader valves and it's ABS-1 Pro chuck can be engaged and released quickly and easily. This advanced head also has a pressure bleed button to allow you to reduce the pressure should you over-inflate. Finally, the extra-long hose makes it ideal for workshop use, enabling you to inflate the tyres whilst the bike in up on the work stand.

  • Material: Steel (barrel and piston), Aluminium (base), Varnished Wood (handle)
  • Compatible with Presta and Schrader valves
  • ABS-1 Pro chuck equipped
  • Large 2.5" precision gauge
  • Durable, painted finish
  • Extra-long, high strength hose with composite matrix couplers
  • Dimensions: 15x20x63.5cm / 5.9x7.9x 25in
  • Weight: 1.7kg/3.75lbs