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Lezyne Macro Drive 600XL & Strip Drive Pro Set

The new Macro Drive XL / Strip Drive Pro is the ultimate commuter, road or MTB lightset. The all new Lezyne Macro Drive 600 XL Front features a lightweight and sturdy extruded and machined aluminium body with a side visibility design that allows 180 degrees of visibility and increases user safety. Uniform Power Beam ‘MOR’ twin lens kicks out a super bright 600 lumens, and the Intelligent Power Indicator button allows the user to check the power level at any time. The new Strip Drive Pro has all the features of the Strip Drive but kicks out an almighty 100 lumens. The LEDs are angled down towards the road surface, illuminating the road behind you whilst still making you visible to road users behind you without blinding them. The Strip Drive Pro features an all new Co-Moulded body sealing it against the worst of the UK weather.

  • Max Lumens: 600 (front(, 100 (rear)
  • Weight: 142g (front, without strap mount), 69g (rear, without strap mount)
  • Recharge Time: 6hrs (1A)/4hrs (2A) (front), 2.5hrs (rear)
  • Material: Aluminium, Composite Matrix (front), Composite Matrix (rear)