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Lezyne KTV Drive Rear Light

The Lezyne KTV Drive Rear is a bright, ultra-compact, 7 lumen safety taillight. The CNC machined aluminum body is lightweight, durable, and extremely weather-resistant. The Composite Matrix back clip features the Clip-On System, with movable clip, for versatile strapped or clipped mounting. The multi-position silicon rubber strap attaches directly to the back plate to secure the light to a wide range of handle bar diameters. The Side Visilbility lens extends beyond the body providing 180 degrees visibility, and increasing user safety. The bottom cap can be removed to reveal it's integrated USB stick, making recharging convenient and cable free.

  • CNC machined aluminum parts for precise and durable construction
  • Clip-On System is a patent-pending, dual purpose, universal clip and strap attachment system, integrated into the back cap of the LED light
  • Intelligent Power Indicator - Red, green, and blue LEDs inside the button show the battery power levels during use and recharging
  • Included Micro USB cables or integrated USB sticks can be plugged into a computer or wall outlet adaptor for convenient and fast recharging of LED lights
  • A unique body and lens design that allows for 180 degrees of visibility, increasing user safety when operating at night
  • Lezyne lights are precision engineered and manufactured with quality to deliver extreme weather and water resistance