Hovding 2 Cover

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You can easily change the appearance of your Hövding 2, by purchasing an extra cover for it. All our covers have different appearances and functionalities.

BERLIN: While designing this cover we focused a little extra on the function.The inside is made of Outlast fabric with proactive temperature regulation that manages heat and moisture. The complete backside is reflective for great visibility in the dark.

EINDHOVEN: The cover is inspired by the futuristic Eindhoven known for their advanced hanging bicycle roundabout. It has a silver reflective print allover that keeps you visible in the dark.

SHELL VIOLENTLY HAPPY: A black shell made of strong, three-dimensional fabric, approximately 3 mm high at the edges and transparent in the troughs. The black lining on the inside is specially designed to divert heat away from your body.

  • BERLIN: Outside and centre rear: 100% Polyester; Inside: 100% Polyester; Wash at 40°C; Only for use with Hövding 2.0
  • EINDHOVEN: Outside and centre rear: 100% polyamide; Inside: Textile 100% PES and Coating Acrylate with PCM capsules (Phase change material); Wash at 30°C; Only for use with Hövding 2.0
  • SHELL VIOLENTLY HAPPY: Outside: polyester (100%); Inside: polyester (100%); Centre rear: polyamide (57%), polyamide acqua (33%), spandex (10%); Wash at 40°C; Only for use with Hövding 2.0