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Granger's Performance Wash

Granger’s Performance Wash is a wash-in formulation designed to carefully clean all of your outdoors and technical clothing.Washing your specialist outdoor garments in regular household detergents can leave them contaminated with various chemical residues. As a result, the technical features your garments possess - properties such as breathability or water-repellency - might become much less effective. Granger's performance wash removes dirt and eliminates odours whilst maintaining breathability and water-repellency (if washing a waterproof item). It even cleans at temperatures as low as 30°C, so you can be sure your clothing is thoroughly clean whatever wash-cycle you use.

  • Granger’s Performance Wash is a detergent-based cleaner.
  • Effectively cleans all technical fabrics and clothing.
  • Protects the water-repellent finish found on waterproof clothing.
  • Ideal for washing lycra, technical fabrics such as a gloves, overshoes and bib tights
  • For use as a first step to clean before applying water-repellent treatments.
  • Suitable for use on Gore-Tex®, and eVent garments.
  • 300ml
Usage instructions
Use one 50ml cap-full per wash load, or half a cap if hand-washing.For top-loading machines, double the amount of Performance Wash being used.Dry your garment as per its care label instructions.Granger’s Performance Wash can be applied directly to your garment before washing to combat tough stains.