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FIZIK Antare Versus K:IUM Saddle

The Versus saddle feature a 7mm channel design that allows for greater pressure relief, whilst maintaining the stiffness and durability of a solid-base saddle. The Antares VS is for The Chameleon: Medium Spine (If you have an intermediate degree of spinal flexibility you are a chameleon). You will benefit from the increased width and slight curvature of the Antares shape. Provided this saddle's width isn't too narrowsome women may find this model comfortable due to the presence of the relief channel.
  • Solid base ensures saddle's structural integrity is unaffected
  • No reduction in saddle's surface area, therefore no subsequent increase in pressure
  • Relief channel spans the length of the saddle, allowing the rider freedom to move along it
  • Edge of relief channel is a gradual change in the foam mould leaving no sharp edges that might cause pressure points
  • Shell: Nylon Carbon Reinforced
  • Rail: K:ium
  • Cover: Black/Red Microtex
  • Padding: Low density with relief channel
  • Integrated Clip System: Yes
  • Length: 275mm
  • Width: 142mm
  • Weight: 209g